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Super Deals RV Case Studies

Project Overview

The objective of the project with Super Deals RV was to significantly boost the online visibility, search engine ranking, and organic traffic of the client’s website through our efforts, we aim to significantly improve the online visibility, search engine ranking, and organic traffic of our client’s website. Ultimately, our goal was to optimize their online presence, attract a targeted audience, and increase inquiries and sales. We have achieved this by implementing effective SEO strategies provided by our team at SEO Gliders.

About Clients-

Super Deals RV is a reputable dealership specializing in selling high-quality new and pre-owned travel trailers, 5th wheels, and motorhomes. Their commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and flexible financing options sets them apart in the industry.

Client Requirements/Goals

  1. Increase Online Visibility: Improve Super Deals RV’s search engine rankings to ensure high visibility for relevant RV-related keywords and phrases.
  2. Attract Targeted Traffic: Optimize the website for industry-specific RV keywords to drive organic traffic.
  3. Enhance User Engagement: Create compelling website content to engage visitors and encourage exploration.
  4. Optimize User Experience: Improve website speed, mobile responsiveness, and site structure for better user experience, satisfaction, and retention.
  5. Generate Customer Inquiries: Prominently display calls to action and contact info to encourage inquiries about Super Deals RV’s products and services.
  6. Showcase Competitive Pricing: Appeal to budget-conscious customers seeking value with competitive pricing for new and pre-owned RVs at the dealership.
  7. Promote Financing Options: Make financing options clear and easy for potential RV buyers.
  8. Strengthen Local Presence: Super Deals RV should use a localized SEO strategy to attract customers from specific geographical areas around dealership locations.
  9. Cultivate a Positive Brand Image: Maintain an exceptional online presence that aligns with Super Deals RV’s commitment to exceptional customer service.
  10. Monitor and Report Progress: Regularly monitor SEO performance, analyze data, and provide comprehensive reports to Super Deals RV, illustrating the progress and effectiveness of the SEO strategies implemented.

By fulfilling these requirements and achieving the outlined goals, Super Deals RV aims to significantly enhance its online reach, connect with a broader customer base, and ultimately drive increased inquiries and sales in the competitive RV market.

Our Engagement

Super Deals RV and SEO Gliders met in Jan 2016 to enhance Super Deals RV’s online presence. SEO Gliders has customized SEO strategies to cater to the specific business requirements of Super Deals RV. We worked with Super Deals RV Inc until May 2022.

Our challenges

Navigating the enhancement of Super Deals RV’s online presence through SEO presented distinct challenges. The RV market’s intense competition required strategic differentiation, while the dealership’s diverse product range demanded a cohesive yet versatile SEO approach. Adapting to evolving search engine algorithms, localizing strategies across multiple locations, and staying ahead of dynamic consumer trends posed ongoing challenges. Balancing keyword optimization with an exceptional user experience and accurately measuring the SEO impact on tangible business outcomes added complexity to the project. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, we overcame these challenges, refining our strategies to drive effective results and support Super Deals RV in achieving its online visibility and growth objectives.

Our Work Approach

Our approach at SEO Gliders was a strategic and collaborative process, designed to deliver optimal results for clients.

  1. Understanding Client Objectives: We started by understanding the objectives, target market, and unique selling points of Super Deals RV to align our strategies with their requirements.
  2. Comprehensive Research and Analysis: Effective SEO strategies are built on extensive research, including competitor and keyword analysis, as well as industry trends.
  3. Tailored Strategy Development: We researched and created a custom SEO strategy for Super Deals RV, including on-page optimization, content creation, link building, and local SEO, to boost their online visibility.
  4. Collaboration and Communication: We maintained open and transparent communication with Super Deals RV throughout the project. Collaboration with their team ensured our strategies aligned with their vision and expectations.
  5. Execution and Implementation: Our team implemented SEO strategies, optimizing websites and utilizing the latest techniques to drive measurable improvements through compelling content.
  6. Continuous Monitoring and Analysis: We constantly monitored the performance of our strategies, and tracked website traffic, keyword rankings, and user engagement.
  7. Client Involvement and Feedback Integration: Super Deals RV’s feedback and involvement are integral to our approach. We have encouraged regular reviews and incorporated their insights to refine and enhance our strategies for optimal results.
  8. Adaptability and Agility: In a dynamic digital landscape, we remained flexible and adaptable, ready to adjust strategies as needed to align with changes in search engine algorithms, consumer behavior, or client objectives.

Our approach aims to exceed, not just meet, Super Deals RV’s expectations, resulting in increased online visibility, higher organic traffic, and driving business growth and success.

Work Process

At SEO Gliders, we had a well-defined work process that starts with a comprehensive consultation and research phase. During this phase, we take time to understand the objectives of Super Deals RV and the competitive landscape.

Based on our findings, we developed a customized SEO strategy that involves optimizing on-page elements and creating engaging SEO-friendly content. We also focused on link building, local SEO, and continuous monitoring and adaptation to ensure the effective enhancement of Super Deals RV’s online presence and drived sustainable growth. Our process involved regular reporting and integration of client feedback to ensure successful and collaborative achievement of goals.

Results We Achieved

As a result of our dedicated SEO efforts, we were able to significantly improve Super Deals RV’s online visibility and keyword rankings. This led to a noticeable increase in organic website traffic. We optimized the website structure and created engaging content, which enhanced user engagement and helped to lower bounce rates. By leveraging localized SEO techniques, we were able to successfully penetrate target local markets, resulting in more inquiries and foot traffic. Our acquisition of quality backlinks also strengthened the brand’s credibility, and the overall impact was reflected in measurable returns on investment. This showcases a successful collaboration between our team and Super Deals RV.


6 Best marketing strategies to enhance your online sales!


6 Best marketing strategies to enhance your online sales

Improving online sales is the most important goal for most businesses, appreciation of the development of digital selling forums and chances. From small online stocks to giants like Amazon and Flipkart, enhancing online deals could mean the variation between survival and expiration. Beneficial online trade strategies are applicable for a big sales space in firms across most businesses. Fortunately, many ways will assist you to heighten your bottom-line through digital sales. Here are some useful ways you must read to increase the online sale of your business.

1. Spend the Money on Quality Images 

Products showing good images in posts gain better reactions and increased clicks than posts that do not contain any images. Pictures allow you to tell lots of tales using a single tool. They can put forward knowledge of credibility and professional touch. Every product is unique and has its appearance can seek the attention of customers while presenting it online. Therefore, you must spend money on professional photography for your digital sales section. Learn to select suitable images for every post about your product. Try to present the story through photos.

2. Exhibit Testimonials & Trust Indications

Plenty of probable clients notice company reviews and customer response sites whenever they want to buy your product. That’s why to be careful about the reviews you gain about your service on the website. Never forget to always motivate your genuine clients to leave positive reviews about your product. Brand awareness is very influential and significant when it comes to online sales. Your product analysts are your brand representatives and one of the most effective online marketing techniques.

3. Focus On Mobile Optimization

Mobiles have displaced tablets and desktop computers. More than 70 per cent of internet using persons hold smartphones, and more than 30 per cent check their emails via smartphones only. Almost 50 per cent of persons begin their search utilizing a search engine while more than 30 per cent use branded sites, and at least 1 person use a branded app.


More than 85 per cent of users utilize apps to pass time. Nearly 50 per cent of people claim to pick up their mobile phones early in the morning. Due to this you should establish and activate a complete optimized website or app if you want to be a part of customers minds every day and make them notice your service. The keywords, design figure, aesthetics, and navigability are the factors affecting mobile optimization.

4. Offer a Guarantee For Money-back

Most online customers are brave but still maintain a specific extent of risk repulsion. Given the condition of the purchase, they are not able to evaluate and assess the product before buying. This is why giving money-back assurance is one of the most influential reasons that can drive your online sales in an upward direction. The more trouble you vacate from the purchase decision, the higher will be their mindset of buying and trying the product. This is particularly vital for unstable goods and new products in the demand. The capable customer wants a guarantee of substitute or return agreement related to the product.

5. Allow More Choices For Payment

Your online website should be able to share more payment techniques. If consumers like a specific product but can’t get a payment method that works for them on your website, they will shift to another site. Constantly include modern methods involving bitcoins and any other arising payment tools. Most importantly, set up top-level security elements for transactions to improve customer confidence and enhance their trust in your service 

6. Utilize Social Media Actively

Social media has changed how we live, work, communicate and consume leisure. There are billions of users on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram and other similar platforms. There are vast open platforms on which you can show ads. Take full benefit of the current digital market forums where these social media sites present to you. Understanding each site’s stability and optimizing it entirely is an essential and productive online marketing method.


These tips will surely help you to achieve higher growth and success in your business through online sales.





6 Best Online Marketing Strategies To Enhance The Business Growth Of A Startup

6 Best Online Marketing Strategies To Enhance The Business Growth Of A Startup

Your business can be a great success with the right methods of branding, no matter whether it is local, small business or new startup. Your business can’t attain positive results if your Online Marketing Strategy is not right. This article will help you to realize the best online marketing methods and can enhance the growth of your startups profitably. You have come to the right place to learn about the six important online marketing techniques to maximise your marketing online.

1. Create a website

Establishing a website for your startup is indeed a useful way to popularize and promote your startup. While making a web for your brand you should fill every detail in an eye-catchy way especially in the ` about us ‘ area. Adding testimonials to the web makes the audience give your brand a unique value based on the honest reviews from clients. Add visually appealing features to your website. Proofread the content of the website. Do everything to make your website seems attractive and unique.

2. Set up a blog 

Starting a blog for your website can increase traffic and be an informative way for customers to know about your brand. It’s is vital to post quality content based on your startup. Analyse blogs and outlets which are popular with your target customers. Go through the questions to find out the topics that are suitable to present in your blog. Assigning works to freelance writers or similar companies to create content is a great way if there is an absence of content developers in your team. It is helpful to add a ‘write for us’ area to your website and start accepting write-ups from guest writers, though you will get free writers.

3. SEO optimization

Online marketing is directly proportional to SEO strategies. Prepare and post quality content for your startup in a way that must support the search engine optimization based on Google search. You must optimize the content to make it appear on the first page of the Google search result. If you don’t set it according to SEO standards, the audience will not discover your brand in the first place. Give more priority to suitable keywords, quality backlinks as well as unique and quality content for positive marketing outcomes.

4. Add email marketing

It includes low-cost marketing strategies. According to campaign monitor reports, more than 60% use email marketing to popularise and promote their brands. Adding a signup form for email can increase the number of clients. Take every chance to indulge email to your webpage. Enable the audience to give their email address. Prepare knowledgeable, unique, easy to read and interesting emails to catch subscribers. The customers must get an encourage from the emails to visit your website.

5. Advertisement through Google

Email branding, SEO optimization and blog posts serve as great marketing methods to achieve specific goals mainly long-term. If you use PPC ( price per click ) advertising, then the results will be much quicker and more positive. When using Google to promote your startup, use appropriate keywords to reach probable customers based on their choice and interests. Making convincing as copy allow the audience to use your brand quickly. Seek the attention of customers and raise their interest to use your product through your ads

6. Use social media for advantage

Using different social media platforms can maximise the promotion and help in discovering more customers based on their preferences. You must be active in every social media forum which is popular and engage with the audience through online presence. Select the platforms mostly your customers are active. Set up a community and interact with the members for constant updation.

Now you got an idea about the importance of choosing the right Business Strategy to promote the growth of startups through digital marketing methods. These six strategies are highly impressive and allow your business to grow much faster if followed carefully.

6 Best online marketing strategies of 2022 for an online shop!


Your online shop can be prosperous if you’ll be able to reach more future customers than ever before and you’ll have entire influence over their shopping experience. You need to take care of some precious tips to accomplish it.

 In this article, we’ll go over some of the promising strategies for you to get your new online shop in front of the people who like to purchase. It’s going to take consistent work and advertising if you want frequent buyers through e-commerce marketing. Based on that you must have a willingness to try new tactics to make your online shop flourish.

Let’s read now the 6 best marketing strategies of 2022 for an online shop!


1.    Recommend Deals Regularly


  • Most digital exchanges will provide you with the choice to keep sales and/or use promo codes to assist entice shoppers. Be certain to attain this regularly. 


  • From taking advantage of holiday shopping (get 20% off for Father’s Day, 35% off for Valentine’s Day, 50 % off of select items on Christmas, etc.) to merely offering enormous discounts without reason at all, this will boost usual website traffic.

2.    Use Email as Reminders to Shop

  •  When you initially open your online shop, you’ll prefer to give out an email declaring it to your database. Make sure of creating links straight forward from the email to your online shop.


  • Once you’ve finished this, start mailing out weekly (according to your situation) newsletters that feature your commodities with outstanding pictures and persuasive, yet brief, content that links instantly to each product for easy shopping.


  • While you have deals, be certain to notify and promote them through email so buyers can take benefit of your rare pricing straight away. MailChimp is a simple-to-use alternative for minor company owners.

3.    Establish a Blog for Online Shop

  •  The blog is more than a good means to define yourself as a chief in your enterprise, it’s also an indirect path to enable the promotion of your online store


  • Involve one relevant link support to your shop in each post (either link of home page or one direct link to the product) and make sure each blog is instructive and effective. 


  • Quality blog posts will assist you to thrive your online selling, still so if you have the time, it’s a big project to spend money on.

4.    Promote with Video Tutorials

  •  People adore an awesome video of your product. They’re simple to listen and they can enhance the depth and clearness of your products, as well as benefit them to gain popularity amongst your target customers.


  • For example, if you sell baby hairbands, demonstrate to parents the several ways their babies can wear them. just show beautiful babies wearing your headbands in videos if there is only one way.


  • If you sell dog treats, show a bit of behind-the-scenes effort of you making them. If you make clothes, show variety models, fashion walks, your sewing techniques etc.

5.    Hang out with Social media

  •  Social media is important if you need to popularity and promote your online shop effectively. But it carries actions and time to create supporters.


  • Check out the following platforms to enable market your online shops and repeatedly attempt different sites to realise what works out for your online business.


  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, We Heart It, Flickr, Foursquare, Quora, Periscope so on are the best online platforms to showcase your product. Try paid advertising on social media for quick results.

6.    Optimize product names & descriptions

  •  Creativity has its position and value. but it can’t be applicable while telling your product names to customers. You require to be direct and precise with product names. Otherwise, buyers can’t able to find your product when they’re browsing for exactly what you sell.


  • Involve keywords in your product names and descriptions to improve your online shop get established in search engines.

These tips about how to market an online shop are surely helpful for you if you want to make your online store successful in the current digital era of the modern world.



Best Strategies for Link Building in a Natural Way!

 Best Strategies for Link Building in a Natural Way

Links are significant for SEO. But more importantly, link building must be part of your progress method. As it can boost you to develop extra traffic and captivate new viewers to your website. In this article, we’ll talk about the 6 best steps of promising link building strategies in natural ways. These tips will ensure you create satisfactory links for your business and good admirers to your website.

Let’s read about these successful link building methods to achieve lots of rapid visits to your website!


1.     Learn About Your Customer

If you like to invite more people to your website, you need to understand two things: who your audience is at the moment and what your suitable audience looks like. This will enable you to maintain and improve your recent audience and catch up with new audiences that are enthusiastic about what you have to deliver. Go through some analysis to learn about your audience. This will benefit to understand them sufficiently and it makes it sure to define who your favourable audience is in that way you can reach to their expectation and need.


2. List Out The Sites Your Audience Likes

After you find out who your suitable audience is, you must put together a list of websites that can assist you to catch them. Discover the websites that have a place in your audience heart. Links from these sites are helpful to reach minds who will show interest in your website but don’t have details about it.

Always keep in mind that, a link from every website is not needed. If it is from a spammy website or a website that have no relation to your niche is not useful at all. Sometimes it can just bounce back and damage your position. Don’t approach spammy websites and spending for your links deals.  


3. Post-Great Content

Make other websites share a link to your content, you need to maintain content that entirely makes them choose to link to your page. This indicates that you need to make them choose you by posting quality content. Hang in posting about what will appeal to your customer, what they expect to know and what extraordinary point of perspective you have to give. 

Create contents that reply to the questions of your audience mind or discover a solution to the problem which they are facing. Deliver them with the knowledge they’re searching for and you’ll not only create a bridge of trust, but you’ll also get additional links to your page as other websites will recognize the significance of your content.


 4. Connect Content To Other Sites

When you’re pleased with the content you’ve jotted down, it’s time to jump into the list of websites you’ve developed during the second stage. Analyze the websites that are most likely to link to the content that you’ve formulated. 

 Select wisely and take action to find those websites that fit the particular topic of your blog post. These websites will perhaps be more ready to link, as your blog post suits their content. 


5. Set up Contact

After choosing which websites you like to reach, it’s time to reach out to them. You can deliver an email, but social media like Twitter are also a good way to make up relations with people who are interested in your service. To improve your possibilities of receiving that backlink, you must understand the website and the audience they cater to. This enables you to reach out in a private way, which you need to do. Send them a polite email mentioning your need as a request.

6. Promote in Social Media

 Arriving at certain people or websites is one path to get links to your content. Another great means is by using social media. By using different platforms of social media you will get a new audience and website to connect. Make sure you share your recent content through social forums like Twitter. it also gives you the choice to promote your content and tea the hearts of new people.


A successful link building method must constantly be aimed to give rise to new, aspired visitors to your website. Your website should cope with SEO strategies for reaching a high level at google search engine. As long as you prioritise link building as a direction to arrive at other sites to get more audience, you’re executing it in the right way.

Top 10 Off-page optimization methods for link buildings

Top 10 Off-page optimization methods for link buildings

You are at the right place to know about all the measures that can be adopted outside of the real website to boost its position in search rankings. Here you can find the top 10 optimization techniques for link building that can increase your business influence online in front of your audience. 

Links are one of the basic ways that search engine algorithms define the applicability of a webpage. Including a reasonable number of links to a website implies that the content is there is precious. Outward and inward linking both give more vision for your website. Also creating links enables Google and other search engines to draw in your site.

Now let’s read these 10 optimization methods for link buildings!


1.    Showcase Articles In Directories 

An article directory is a website with a group of articles jotted down about several topics. Usually, article directories are implied as content farms, which are websites developed to generate mass content without authentic research.

If you publish your content in the article directories, you will receive a backlink to your website. Generally, directories validate only original writings, but there can be some directories that accept contents that are rephrased or spun.

2. Give out the link in the comment

 you can leave a link in your signature in forum signatures during you comment on any other blog to receive a link back. Here don’t write your name but put down keywords in the comment. For example, Rather than writing ‘Comment by John’ you write ‘comment by how to improve digital marketing ’ or being of that kind.

If the conversation is more, your website can get more popularity. Also, it’s not only about popularity, with commenting, but you also get plenty of backlinks and traffic on your page.

3. Exchange links

This is an engaging way to build links. This method talks about having contact with the webmasters of several websites and exchanging links, i.e. linking website ‘A’ to website ‘B’ and in return website ‘B’ would link to website ‘A’.There is mutual support in this scheme. Another complicated technique is by exchanging links with three websites .i.e. linking website ‘A’ from website ‘B’’ and website ‘B’ links to another website.

4. Power of Social Media

Another means of building links is by immersing your website in social media forums. It is an awesome way to captivate traffic. The links which you watch on social media are commonly no-follow links, but this does not imply that those links do not have any importance. Speaking of your brand on social media platforms will steer a hell plenty of traffic. Move straight with your policy and website, you will certainly start ranking.

5. Encourage guest blogging

It’s a fact that by creating new, extraordinary, exciting content, piling up new links will push traffic to your website. Blogging is a path to persuade traffic at a small cost. Posting comments on different websites will enable you to expand links in the comments part. The links will be creep by the search engines directing to steering traffic to your website.

 6. Local trade Citations

If you carrying out a local business, then local link building is an excellent back-linking chance for you. You can receive great links and you can bring extra traffic from the numerous people who regularly use local searches to discover businesses near. Local trade Citations are the main factors if you like to enhance your places in local search findings.

7. Creating Links from Trusted Sites

Be aware of many spam sites presenting the internet. Google has devoted itself to pulling out such sites and only exhibiting trusted sites inside their search results pages.

Creating links from trusted sites is one of the most crucial steps to promoting your site’s authority and boosting it to the top place of search results. When a website has backlinks from a trusted site, it says to search engines that they are an authority on that topic.

8. Acquire links 

To earn a real competitive benefit through links, you must follow a technique that will permit you to reap editorially positioned links. 

 Link earning needs a great portion of effort but provides an elevated reward. So, be ready to spend time and resources on receiving links. By working in that way you will reach links that opponents will battle to attain.

9. Link building tools

The Link Building Tool compiles a table of link building chances for your domain and gives you a supervision interface to operate an outreach movement to potentially get links. Various link building tools enable you to supercharge your rankings like SEO SpyGlass, Linkody, Cognitive SEO, Ahrefs Backlink checker, etc.

10. Develop your Brand

One of the prime link building methods is expanding your brand. Your brand forms from your ideas then start to convey itself externally. When it arrives to link building that works, acknowledge that people will commonly link to you as your particular brand grows.

While numerous descriptions may spiral through the trading world, a natural link is a link that is editorially obtained and organic.

It’s not based on sponsorship or paid promotion. Often, a natural link gives credit to its pro blogger.


 Your website’s link profile is one of the most important components in ranking in search engine results. Keep in mind that, Google doesn’t care so much about how many links turned to your pages, but instead about the experience you developed for users.

Follow these effective link building strategies, and you’ll be on your path to creating a prosperous blog that both audience and Google will love.