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Discover a New Career in Digital Marketing! Learn Essential Skills, Understand its Scope, Find out How to Start, and Get Certified.

(Join Free One Hour Webinar on 31 May, Evening 5 to 6 PM)

DATE 31 MAY 2024 TIME 05:00 PM
Language Hindi & English Duration 1 Hour

Why Attend This Workshop?

  • Understand the scope and skills required for digital marketing.
  • What are the steps to obtain a digital marketing certification?
  • Steps to enroll in the top online digital marketing course?
  • How do I establish a career in digital marketing?
  • How can you find a job after getting certified?

    What You Will Learn In The Workshop?

    What is Digital Marketing? What are the primary fields of digital marketing with high demand in the market?

    How can digital marketing skills help your local business grow and generate substantial revenue?

    What are the main components of online courses that offer SEO strategies to users, and how are these courses useful to them?

    How affordable and easy is it to enroll in the digital marketing course? What are the fee structure and duration?

    Build a robust set of digital marketing skills to effortlessly secure a job in the same field.

    How SEO GLIDERS can help you boost your career after getting certification in digital marketing from them?

      What changes will occur in your profile after attending the workshop?

      Digital marketing skills

      Confidence and efficiency

      Clarity and straightforwardness

      You hold the power to take your career to the next level.

      An easy way to obtain digital marketing certification.

      Simple and easy to understand

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is it a live or pre-recorded workshop?

      This is a live workshop where you can ask questions at the end.

      I have filled the form but not confirmed my slot for the live webinar?

      No need to worry, you can contact SEO GLIDERS directly using their phone numbers or by emailing

      Do you charge anything for this live webinar?

      No, this is free of cost.

      Do you offering any online digital marketing course?

      Yes, we offer a high-quality digital marketing course. You need to enroll in it first.

      Is it compulsory to join online course after the webinar?

      No, it’s up to you. You can only attend the free webinar if you think this course can help you achieve your dreams. Enroll only if you believe this course is beneficial. Full details of this course will be provided during the live webinar.